The Prelude (prod. Chris Rockaway

by hasHBrown

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Houston emcee hasHBrown of T.H.E.M. is prepping the release of his new EP titled The Power Nap which will drop soon. "The Prelude" serves as re-introduction to hasH's raw rap style over a psychedelic-soul track produced by Chris Rockaway.


verse 1

Floral flyknits on sale
Fly shit prevails record labels
Marked down Macy sales
Real fables holy grails
You are what ailes us all
Souls for sell inside the mall
Get flagged down
For fake chains knock off colognes
You a knock off for clones
My poems leave scars
And headstones in the terror dome
Tread careful homes
Bull fecal matter
We don't condone taking it higher
Than family stones
My attire alone will stop
Your main from coming home
We slummin jones phi slamma
Grammar sins atoned
They outta tune out of time
As I consume an MC's mind
Line for line Coke head
Style speeding the green mile
Other rappers in denial
Like trump supporters
I trap in 32s with more quarters
Expand your borders
This is the succession succeeding
Exceeding my own progression
Your aggression was ineffective
My perspective is Nicky tesla
Clyde drexler drop dopeness
Every tri-mester
My best version of Jekyll and Hyde
Flexing duality blessing
Beats and rhymes bo jack
Of that h town map
Mad villain gold grilln
Power ball lottery hundreds of millions
Of niccas rapping bout feelings
And bitches they not hitting riches
They not getting dropping singles
That's not hitting boys need to
Stop fibbin. Stop talking
Start listening. Stop posting
Start building.
Start living cause I'm killing

verse 2

Pardon the mess, dirty grooves
represent my success
the underdog's under God
I go hard, disregard man laws
righteous in my cypher
loyal to the process like
lifers in rikers
this that harley flow
black leather on a biker
boys been had ice sir
been had classics
been had verse for has beens
that were never worth
half a bar, so when boys talk down
i have to ignore nor could I care
been had shine, been had glare
been had j's, been had airs
to the maximum every loop
is like the walking dead
I aim straight for the head
stabbin wackness in the cabin
never slackin like dockers
heck her proportions
from the ass to the knockers
not interested in knock offs
authentic material spread thru
your stereo no vernerial
no quarantine in sight
just the virus that is me and the mic
amplified my powers
rookie rappers sweet grind
turned sour, I'm the sound of the higher power
midnight bell tower on the hour
every hour, underground is mine still
no past tense, flashback hits,
ride behind tint, double dog dare hash
i won't flinch, i just twitch
like a psycho praying for a moment
to go in, or go off, go left
until competitors have no breath
no ID-ing bodies, all you see is copies
my failed attempts
hold wack
niccas in contempts
a couple of mixers and blog posts later
the newest hottest rapper is content, i'm still the mayor
who signed the consent forms
for you to board this field trip
fuck ebola i' been sick
fast forward your years
dog you been bitch
i'm legendary, very scary
as soon as my pen hits
my raps are elite
you should know my clique
and respect that shit, pay homage
while we still above ground
This here is our town
Elite Tx how that sound?!


released May 4, 2016



all rights reserved


hasHBrown Houston, Texas


In this hustle known as Hip-Hop, talent in multiples puts you ahead of the curve. Luckily, hasHBrown (aka producer Jett I. Masstyr) dabbles in double duties as both emcee and producer.

MC since 2004
Producer since 2005
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